As an association we have built up a broad network in the cultural sector in Europe. Starting points are always the theater and events. Within these two branches there are many possibilities for development, but these branches also offer opportunities for initiatives.

Logically, the development possibilities for technology, dance, music, drama and video come up in these sectors.
But some conceivable functions to develop can also be; Host, Catering, Make Up, Hairdresser, Transport, etc.
We would also like to hear from (potential) participants in which position they would like to participate in the projects to develop.

During the projects we always provide professional guidance. These are supervisors who specialize in the sector for which the participant is present, but also supervisors with specialization in didactics and pedagogy. With this we want to guarantee the development trajectory for each participant and, in consultation with the participant, ensure a personal approach!

The method of working with the participants is best summarized in the “Maslow Method”. A safe environment is created for the participants where they can be themselves, while ensuring a stable basis with the necessary needs. The team will then be formed, which will be both on a “business” and personal level, where people support and value each other. After this, the big step is to step out of the comfort zone and make the step to development (if it has not been made in the previous process before).

Results are found on the sector-oriented development that each participant undergoes, but also on professionalism, knowledge about land and culture, and the network that is built up internationally for professional and private activities. By means of making a report and the photos and video (registration and compilation) the results are actually made visible. These are confirmed in a personal Europass!