Thanks to the international network that the association has, it is possible to organize all projects for the participants. Various companies at home and abroad are directly or indirectly connected to the association and support us in the organization and execution of projects. Etoile International knows its right to exist partly through two regular partners in Italy and France. Together with the associations Etoile Centro Teatrale Europeo and Bel ‘Etoile, the basis has been formed for European (exchange) projects and internships.


Etoile Centro Teatrale Europeo

This association is located in Reggio Emilia in Italy, and has access to the artistic building Borgo delle Querce. Chairman and artistic leader here is Daniele Franci, who, with Etoile CTE, occupies herself fulltime with theater classes and the organization of theater productions. Daniele already has many theater productions to his name, and with his commitment to the Italian Federation for amateur theater companies (FITA) he is a well-known person in the Italian theater world.

Beletoile Logo

Bel’ Etoile

Partner in France is the Bel ‘Etoile association which is led by Marie Noell Bouvier. Marie Noell, with her years of teaching experience at the Lyceums in Bordeaux, has a huge network among all schools in the region. Marie Noell her specialty can be found in the choreographies which, every time, lead to astonishment among the audience and also the participants!