All our members of the association are in the first instance “donator” of the association. A membership costs € 25 per calendar year and with that you support our activities! Participation in a project is only meant for members, and we annouce all projects through our newsletter.

As a member you have no obligations and you are therefore a volunteer within the assocation.  With us it applies: voluntary is non-committal! 

Through our newsletters and / or announcements we inform all members of the news, the developments but also of all vacancies!

As a member of the association you may respond to the vacancies that we place. Vacancies come with us to participate in projects that we organize. The role / function that can be applied to varies per project are some examples: 

  • Being available as a host family for foreign participants in the Netherlands.
  • Internships at home and abroad.
  • Organizational tasks.
  • Project participation.

(As a Dancer, Technician, Theater Player, Host, Musician and all other roles that are only available during productions and / or events.)

As soon as a member of the association joins one or more positions that are vacant, the “Right & Duties” start at the same time. From that moment on you have a specific role, you have to be present at meetings, you have a responsability , but you also have rights so that you can expect a clear guidance from us, possible training, and you will receive a Europass Certificate afterwards. Where your developed competencies can be found. 

For questions about a membership you can contact the organization via the contact form.

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