Governance & Organization

The chairman of Etoile International is Marten van der Weele. Marten has years of experience with international projects and also with education. Thanks to his pedagogical and didactic knowledge, he has been able to initiate many international projects for young people from the Netherlands. Originally Marten is a technician in the theater, but in the years he developed himself further with organizational skills, pedagogy, didactics, communication management, event organization, theater production and much more in the creative and education sector. In addition to the chairmanship, Marten is now active as a teacher in MBO education in the Netherlands and Italy, and as coordinator of domestic and foreign events.

Organization Team
Of course, our enthusiastic chairman can not do it alone, and that is why an organization team is active in the association. This organization team works incredibly hard on all communication and ongoing projects, is active during projects at home and abroad and supports all participants before, during and after a project!
We would like to introduce the team members to you:

Joyce van Straten
Joyce has an excellent eye for a good organization of all projects through her study Art & Economics specialization Theater Management. She prepares all scenarios in the preparation, communicates with all participants and is present during the projects to guide the participants! With all the care that Joyce gives to our participants, there has never been homesickness among the participants!

Liselotte Boers
Liselotte is fully specialized in Theater, thanks to her study Creative Therapy specialization Drama she knows better than anyone else to create a theater, to direct, and especially how theater can be used to develop personal development! In addition to her work in the organization team for projects, she is also a teacher of theater within the association.

Nona Versteegh
Nona has a passion, hobby and work with dancing! After successfully completing the Dance program, Nona is active as a dance teacher within the association. Nona also ensures that all participants of projects start well prepared with a beautiful choreography on the project! A misstep can hardly happen, because before but during Nona is also with the dance group (and every time we have to stop her again so she will not dance with her!)

Wietse Ottes
The passions of Wietse can be described as; Light, Sound and Italy! Wietse has worked and lived in Italy for quite some time and works as a technician for various theater performances. During and after obtaining his training as a Light Technician, he has already provided the technology several times for Etoile International projects. He currently coordinates all technical issues surrounding the projects in the association and, where necessary, gives various workshops.

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